Art for Sneakers

I found this really cool website with great talent called Sole Brother. There is a pair which pays tribute to Michael Jackson and have the thriller theme like Michael’s red and black outfit.

Pimp My Kicks I thought was cool. They do exactly what the guys on pimp my ride do. They get a request, talk it over with the team of artists and get to work. The sneakers are hand painted and celeb Nicki Minaj seems to love ’em.

If you’re feeling doubtful check out the prints from Sneakart. It looks like the designs are coming from Europe but I promise you’re going to want to try it. You just pick a print or make your own. They send something called a sneakskin and it is totally waterproof, flexible and removable.


Rock Star

This season I’m noticing a lot of biker chick chic. When I think of the concept, I picture a woman in leather from head to toe, maybe a little unkept looking, wearing boots with a chain and the big ass eagle on the back of her jacket…not very cute.

Biker Girls (2)

 Well I’m going to show you what it should look like for an average girl.

Rule # 1 Never wear leather from head to toe!

Heck yes the motorcycle leather jacket is cute! My favorite I’ve seen is a VS leather crop jacket and H&M has a really cute faux leather jacket for $50.

Always wear with either a femme top or boyish T-shirt I guess you can wear with anything then huh?  The leather jackets need to be feminine so you have the freedom to wear a boyish tee, skinny jeans and heels. Dresses are also perfect and can layer it more with a cardigan for the cold days. Mix it up make your unique look remember it is how you wear your clothes.

Yes leather boots are wonderful! This season thigh highs are in. Always make sure you wear them with tights, leggings, or jeans! Never wear them bare with a mini or shorts cuz then you will be mistaken for a “lady of the night” to put it lightly. Always stay covered up, no low cut tops please if you want to stay classy.


Below are some shoes from Aldo that are super cute!                                                                     

blog 001

Melkonian $140

blog 003

Guerrette $125

blog 006

Parrin $70-100

blog 002

Alfisi $80 Back: Bolling $75 SALE

Twitter followers?

Here is a list of 10 Twitter folks worth following so far. In no particular order of course.

Let me know what you guys think, who should be added or who should I delete? One trick though: They have to have a blog.

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Coco Chanel on the big screen

Sassy Coco Chanel

Sassy Coco Chanel

So I was reading The New York Times online last week  and I see this tiny little rectangle next to the search engine and seemed like it was just some little meaningless ad. I beg to differ.

Coco Before Chanel will be in theatres Sept. 25, 2009 in New York and Los Angeles only.

Since I’m from Maryland I’m going to be selfish and tell the people in Maryland it will be released on Oct. 9, 2009 at Bethesda Row Cinema and Nov. 6, 2009  at Charles Theatre. I’m not  going to leave anyone out but I list ALL the places! But I know Sony Classics will geez.

Why Should You Watch It? you ask? Well she was only a French pioneer who invented the LBD and gave women trousers and jackets, which was so liberating for the women of that time because of the previous corset fashions.

 And just a little nudge that might annoy you to watch the movie starting  next week: Her name isn’t Coco. Find out why at the movies don’t spoil it!

Five Inches Closer to Heaven

Posted On September 8, 2009

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‘Pixies’ 2009 high heel platform pump

‘Pixies’ 2009 high heel platform pump

Hello I’m Josmari Rodriguez. My current blog idea is global fashion and I want to say that my target audience is people interested in today’s fashion and those wanting cross boundaries in fashion to be different than others. Some posts could be directed to women more than men or contrary.
Five Inches Closer to Heaven
Christian Louboutin, Gucci and Givenchy. Now is that a clueless face or are you drooling already? These are some of the designers we all love for different reasons, but right now it’s all about the heels, how great they look and why women wear them. So why do women wear heels?
The first thing that comes to mind is that they look fierce, as Christian Siriano would say. Today a three-inch heel is considered too short and four inches is just standard. A lot of women love five-inch heels! As outrageous as this sounds, we can only blame the fashion trends because platforms are in this season. We could also blame Italian designer Giuseppe Zanotti, the creator of the pump, who made a pair for Marilyn Monroe according to Teen Vogue. It could be that women admired her beauty so much, one can say we copied her fashion trend ever since or is this just the tip of the iceberg?
As Communication Processing Professor B. Feeney would say, women wear heels to accept their subordination to men in today’s society. And I thought I wore them because they’re pretty. Of course with all this good there has to be some bad, but that calls for another blog. Men enjoy seeing women in heels, but we don’t do it for them! Do we?
We wear them for almost every occasion like weddings, including the bride, job interviews, work, school, romantic dates and of course for a fun night in the city. There are some advantages to heels like if we wear heels to a job interview we look professional but, we don’t look as dressed up as we could be to that fancy dinner if we wear flats. Our legs suddenly look longer and leaner as they naturally flex the calf muscle.
Thanks to him women today look fierce. Speaking of fierceness Christian Siriano has his Egyptian inspired shoes and handbags at Payless this fall. We can really feel inches closer to heaven knowing we have change left over.