Rock Star

This season I’m noticing a lot of biker chick chic. When I think of the concept, I picture a woman in leather from head to toe, maybe a little unkept looking, wearing boots with a chain and the big ass eagle on the back of her jacket…not very cute.

Biker Girls (2)

 Well I’m going to show you what it should look like for an average girl.

Rule # 1 Never wear leather from head to toe!

Heck yes the motorcycle leather jacket is cute! My favorite I’ve seen is a VS leather crop jacket and H&M has a really cute faux leather jacket for $50.

Always wear with either a femme top or boyish T-shirt I guess you can wear with anything then huh?  The leather jackets need to be feminine so you have the freedom to wear a boyish tee, skinny jeans and heels. Dresses are also perfect and can layer it more with a cardigan for the cold days. Mix it up make your unique look remember it is how you wear your clothes.

Yes leather boots are wonderful! This season thigh highs are in. Always make sure you wear them with tights, leggings, or jeans! Never wear them bare with a mini or shorts cuz then you will be mistaken for a “lady of the night” to put it lightly. Always stay covered up, no low cut tops please if you want to stay classy.


Below are some shoes from Aldo that are super cute!                                                                     

blog 001

Melkonian $140

blog 003

Guerrette $125

blog 006

Parrin $70-100

blog 002

Alfisi $80 Back: Bolling $75 SALE


2 Responses to “Rock Star”

  1. kmanos

    I love the Guerretta shoes!

  2. Jennifer Mercedes Guzman

    love, love, loveeeeee those Melkonian and the Parin’s in that nude color…wantttt that one nowwwwwww.

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