Do It Yourself T-shirt

I saw Pink, the singer, on TV and I saw the T-shirt she had on and I loved it. Unfortunately, I don’t have the image of her shirt since it was on a show I was watching, but it was a T-shirt ripped across the image diagonally.

I took a T-shirt I rarely use, to give me a reason to wear it, and used it as a sample. In case I don’t like it, I won’t really care.

blog 030

It didn’t turn out too bad, right? I think it gives it a lot of edge and if your T-shirt is simple like this one you can wear a different color bra with it.

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MICA Student

Don’t you love when you see people from your childhood and get to talk to them and catch up? That’s what happened to me one day and I found out that Jennifer Guzman is a student at Maryland Institute College of Art for fashion illustration.

She is an undergraduate and she  is working on a thesis for her senior year and she posts her work on her blog.


By Jennifer Guzman

“I’d like to persue screen printing, jewelry making/designing…and just be a designer eventually.” Wouldn’t it be cool to see a young girl’s art behind high fashion lines in the display window? I mean she’s only a 21-year-old and Latina.

She wants to design images for window displays and the ink/image design for cosmetic lines and perfumes. We’ll followup on her next week and see was she’s working on now.

Good Books to Read

I’m thinking I want to invest in “The Teen Vogue Handbook” and “The Style Strategy” by Nina Garcia. 

 I’m waiting for the places I applied to for an internship to reply and I must say if I don’t get an e-mail soon, I’ll cry. While I wait, I’m going to read up on things I need to know to learn and be even better.  



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I had these bright teal fishnet tights in my drawer for years and never wore them becuase I didn’t own anything that color and I’m not into that color anyway plus, I thought I would look stupid. I gave it a try because what the heck, if rock ’em then I can make them look good, and that’s what it’s all about, right?

I was getting ready for work and wanted to wear them and I found a cardigan to go perfect with it. What do you guys think?

My dress is from Express, cardigan is from Delia’s, belt from H&M, earrings from Claire’s, booties from and the tights were a gift. 

jo 157

Bead Wear Boutique

Bead Wear boutique

Bead Wear boutique

Bead Wear is a super cute boutique by the circle at the Towson mall. I found very unique pieces for your hair, accessories, and neat wallets.

Pam made these herself

Patti Lasover made these herself

Patti, she’s the local jewelry designer and owner, is really nice and has good taste. I’m so glad I ran into this place. It’s nice that I  live close to Towson because I plan to go back every chance I can. Here’s chance to meet her, go visit her on 29 Allegheny Ave.

Olsen Twins

I love when celebs who are stylish decide to make their own clothing lines because it gives them the flexibility to really control how they want their style to look. Not like they can’t control what they wear, but sometimes we have ideas of exactly what we’re looking for when we’re shopping. The Olsen twins have a new line and it’s not cosmetics.


The Olsen twins are doing a Juniors’ collection for JCPenny. Olsenboye will be a line of casual sportswear and accessories inspired by teen trends from cities around the world.

I personally do not like JCPenny although my mind could change since I haven’t shopped there in years. Now that the twins will have their style offered there, it will definitely encourage my first visit in a very long time. Now that they are older I hope to see clothing that are not for teeny boppers.

The line is called Olsenboye by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. The website will be but I’ve got the scoop so early that the site isn’t up yet. It seems like it will be a Spring launch because the line is in the previewing process, so hopefully it will be extra good. I’m pretty darn excited.


Sorry this is late in my blogging schedule, but here’s your Do It Yourself project I made this week, well, last week.

I made several earrings with buttons I really liked. I personally prefer studs when there is a design like this, and not a hanging version.

blog 020

I cut off the back of the button and glued an earpost. Avoid using Elmer’s glue or even a glue gun because the glue isn’t strong enough to hold together when you’re pulling on them to take them off.

blog 019

This is my favorite thing to do now because it is so easy to make. I’ve been doing for a while and I’m thinking of selling them. Just wait til you see the earrings I’m makin with seeds. Nobody will have earrings like you when you find a nice pair of buttons. You don’t have to use buttons you can glue anything. The earring don’t have to be the same exact button mix and match to be more unique. The pair below is the same pair in the above photo. One is pink and the other is blue, so cute.

blog 021

Of course, when you do this let me know what you made. Joanne uses clay to customize her own earrings.

Looks Just Like It

Personally I don’t like getting imitation things unless it is a damn good imitation. Frankly,  I don’t have the money for designer bags being a college student and most likely everyone knows that too. Remember the Chanel bags every girl had a few years ago? Most likely they were fake and it eventually became corny, to me. I want to show you that we can get good imitations for way cheaper without the big sign “This IS fake.” $198 look a like $125



tribute3 $70

Style on the Street

I was at the Equal Rights March as you guys know and I was keeping an eye out for interesting people and asked them what inspired your outfit today? btw, she is wearing TOM’s Shoes. yay!


October 11 034

Alfredo Santiago was marching for everyone’s rights too, but didn’t hesitate to show off his style.

October 11

I’m gona be at the gay equality march this Sunday in Washington D. C. I’ll be sure to let you know how it went, but of course, I’ll be checking out everyone’s style. I want to talk to some interesting people and see who influences their style and what fashion means to them.

Hopefully, we can be inspired by people and discover something new. I’m so curious about other people and why they dress the way they do. If you’re in the area feel free to go if not make a suggestion of what interview question should I ask? A good one is what were your thought in putting ur outfit together? Describe your style? What does fashion mean to you? Who/what influences your style? 

 What should I ask people on Sunday guys? Or you can sort of vote on the question I already have!

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