Do It Yourself!

I’m not an artist, but I am anal about details. I’m not a professional designer, but I like to do things correctly. Sounds OCD.

Being unique in fashion is so easy when you design your own clothes and accessories guys. Don’t be afraid to wrip jeans, throw paint at it, spray paint shirts, whatever!! My favorite fashion is street fashion and this is when DIY projects lets me express my style.

Use clothes you already have. Before you pass it on or throw away think of something you could do with it.

For example, I have these sneakers I love but they’re old and I don’t want to throw them away. I decided I want to custom design my Air Force sneaks.

They look like this after painting the sole silver. It was a gross yellow color before.

blog 008

 After I got done brainstorming my ideas, then rejecting and starting over again, I ended up with the this

 blog 018

 There are sneakers you can but that totally look like you made them. My favorite sneaks are the Nike Liberty Patchwork Dunks. I’m depressed about being so late in finding them, but maybe someone with a small foot wants to sell me a used pair?


One Response to “Do It Yourself!”

  1. Judith Uzcategui

    I love love love your color choices! very hot

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