October 11

I’m gona be at the gay equality march this Sunday in Washington D. C. I’ll be sure to let you know how it went, but of course, I’ll be checking out everyone’s style. I want to talk to some interesting people and see who influences their style and what fashion means to them.

Hopefully, we can be inspired by people and discover something new. I’m so curious about other people and why they dress the way they do. If you’re in the area feel free to go if not make a suggestion of what interview question should I ask? A good one is what were your thought in putting ur outfit together? Describe your style? What does fashion mean to you? Who/what influences your style? 

 What should I ask people on Sunday guys? Or you can sort of vote on the question I already have!


0 Responses to “October 11”

  1. Alfredo

    Do you dress for comfort, fashion trends, or the sexy look? Something like that.

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