Olsen Twins

I love when celebs who are stylish decide to make their own clothing lines because it gives them the flexibility to really control how they want their style to look. Not like they can’t control what they wear, but sometimes we have ideas of exactly what we’re looking for when we’re shopping. The Olsen twins have a new line and it’s not cosmetics.


The Olsen twins are doing a Juniors’ collection for JCPenny. Olsenboye will be a line of casual sportswear and accessories inspired by teen trends from cities around the world.

I personally do not like JCPenny although my mind could change since I haven’t shopped there in years. Now that the twins will have their style offered there, it will definitely encourage my first visit in a very long time. Now that they are older I hope to see clothing that are not for teeny boppers.

The line is called Olsenboye by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. The website will be Olsenboye.com but I’ve got the scoop so early that the site isn’t up yet. It seems like it will be a Spring launch because the line is in the previewing process, so hopefully it will be extra good. I’m pretty darn excited.


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