Do It Yourself T-shirt

I saw Pink, the singer, on TV and I saw the T-shirt she had on and I loved it. Unfortunately, I don’t have the image of her shirt since it was on a show I was watching, but it was a T-shirt ripped across the image diagonally.

I took a T-shirt I rarely use, to give me a reason to wear it, and used it as a sample. In case I don’t like it, I won’t really care.

blog 030

It didn’t turn out too bad, right? I think it gives it a lot of edge and if your T-shirt is simple like this one you can wear a different color bra with it.

blog 031


2 Responses to “Do It Yourself T-shirt”

  1. maplesyrup21

    love it !

  2. Josmari Rodriguez

    Thank you! I hope you do one and when you do show me 🙂

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