Abigail Lorick

Sorry I haven’t talk to you in a few days. All the food made me so lazy and the rain..OK enough with the excuses. I want to tell you that if you’re looking for an internship like me I want to give you an opportunity if you’re interested.

Abigail Lorick is currently looking for interns who are available four days a week, for at least a three month commitment. Basically a semester. She is the designer for Gossip Girl’s Eleanor Waldorf.

You need to be hands-on and of course interested in fashion as you’ll be working on everything from design to shipping. And a positive, yet serious attitude will get you far.

Update your resume and don’t forget to leave your personality in your cover letter and send it to info@loricknewyork.com.


Feature Story

Three young people love fashion and they’re not top models. You don’t have to be a big spender or a name dropper to appreciate fashion.

Morgyn Curtis, Jennifer Guzman and Danielle Zuckerman all contribute to the fashion world from different angles. Curtis the enlightened designer, Guzman the sophisticated painter and Zuckerman the fresh co-owner of Stella Accessories all share one thing, a deep appreciation for expression. (Read More)

Stella Accessories Interview

Alexia Panza, Danielle Zuckerman, Taylor Sugrue & Samantha Vigorito present Stella Accessories. It’s an hair accessories line for the fashion forward. Visit their blog and see who’s wearing what.

Remember I told you I would try to get a Q & A in the future? Here’s what you’ve been waiting for.

Stella Accessories

What are your ages and where are you all from?

There are four of us who are co-owners of Stella Accessories.  Me (Danielle Zuckerman), Taylor Sugrue, Alexia Panza and Samantha Vigorito.  We are each 21 years old.  Taylor and I are long-time friends from Manalapan, NJ.  Alexia is from Fort Lauderdale, FL and Samantha is from Monroe, CT.

Could you tell me how this really came about? Maybe mention something that’s not in your “About Us”.

 We are all students at fashion schools in NYC.  I go to FIT and the other three girls go to Laboratory Institute of Merchandising.  We moved in together June 2008 and clicked right away.  Two months later we were just looking for something to do on a rainy, summer day.  Someone suggested making headbands. 

We went to the garment district and bought some stuff and then just started designing headbands for the fun of it.  We started wearing them to school all the time and got really positive feedback from our classmates.  Peers started asking us if we could make them one and they would buy it from us. 

We were sitting there and someone literally said “imagine if we started a business doing this,” and then we did.  It really helped that we all have such ambitious attitudes.  We started off small with flea markets around the city and at our schools, and then slowly but surely we built up a website and started pitching to different publications.  Before we knew it, Stella Accessories was a well-known hair accessory brand.

What do you plan to do in the future with the accessories?

In the future, we plan to venture out to different accessories.  We would love to start (Read More)

Young Fashion Designer

Posted On November 18, 2009

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Morgyn Curtis is a young designer creating pieces from home. She was born and raised in Baltimore. She lives and breathes fashion just as I do. She just graduated from Baltimore City Community College and has applied to Fashion Institute of Technology in New York.

Morgyn Curtis

In your own words, describe what fashion design is?

A fashion designer is a person that can bring out the inner beauty in someone with just an idea…a lot of people in this world are self conscious. We as fashion designers are able the help people feel beautiful through their clothes. Someone with a vision that can create anything with a needle and  thread.

What do you plan to do with it?

Really I plan to make money. Lots of it. In the mean time while I’m not making money from it, all I want to do is make people look wonderful, look like they always wanted, not through any changes but [through] their clothes.

Why do you enjoy being a designer?

This is going be a funny answer, but I love being a designer because I get to tell people what to wear and how to wear it. It’s so fun being able to tell people what to do. I [also] love it because people come to me and ask me what looks good, I love it. What really makes me happy, what really makes my heart beat about fashion is having someone put on something [I] made … and their body glows. Their eyes light up and [I] just can feel it in [my] heart that [I] just made that person feel so beautiful, like every women should feel.

Why did you choose to do fashion design?

I really didn’t choose to do fashion. I just kind of fell in it. I was taking classes in business and I hated it. I was so bored it was killing me. I always liked making things and art and drawing but I never thought to do fashion until I found out that my school had a fashion program. Up till then, I just made stuff for the hell of it. [I] never thought I could do it for real so I really just did it to get out of business.  I started to like it, then I loved it, and now I live it. So like i said, it kind of found me.

What do you say to young fashion students studying design? 
That’s a hard one. Never let no one tell you you can’t do it. I know that sounds corny as hell but in fashion, you have to have a mind of your own. You can’t walk into it with one idea and one passion and let someone change it. The fashion world is full of haters and they are set out to be the best. All I can really say is stay true to you and know in your heart, mind, body and soul that you are in this for you. Know that you are the best and only the best.

What is your current project?

Nothing. I just bought fabric to make a sweater for myself for the winter time.

Feel-Good Fashion

Have you ever been in a store and there was a nice T-shirt you liked, but it was $10 more expensive and only $1.50 went to the charity it was linked to? TOMS shoes is the best example for this. People didn’t believe in Blake Mycoskie’s vision when they heard he wanted to give shoes away, for free.

He depends totally on the generosity of people.

How can you make a business on giving shoes away? Mycoskie, the creator of  TOMS shoes, thought of this genius idea when vacationing in Argentina when he met some social workers.

He was invited to see what they were up to and found that this group was giving shoes away, but they were used and noticed they did not fit properly. This is when the magic happened. He created this successful business because the matter was important to him.

It touched him so much that  later that year McCoskie returned to Argentina with friends, family and staff from TOMS and gave away 10, 000 pairs of shoes.

(Read More)

DIY Flower Headbands

I went into a cute boutique, that I won’t mention its name, and found a beautiful headband. It’s the perfect idea for the flower-in-your-hair look. I can never actually put a flower in my hair without pinning it so it doesn’t fall off.

It was pretty much made of  these “ouchless” Goody brand headbands and decorative flowers.

blog 032

blog 033

Basically you choose a beautiful flower, cut at the base and glue it to the band. Be careful to not burn yourself like I did when I made this. I used a hot glue gun. I chose a purple flower because that’s my favi.

Stella Accessories has cute hair accessories and my favorite style is Willow. Hopefully we can hear from the creators soon with a Q&A.

I added more flowers later. Try it.


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I found this really cute purse on etsy.com. Going green is hard to do after not practicing it all your life. I don’t quite understand green fashion unless if it’s not buying fake leather purses. It’s plastic and plastic is petroleum so therefore I’m making a difference in that way?

Anyway if someone can explain that, great. It is made of soda tabs and black yarn. The lining in satin and hand sewn by kayskraft’s


Soda tab purse. It's lined too.

I am so impressed on how well it’s made. I would totally buy this.


Remember my last post about the Olsen twins? Here’s the latest scoop of Mary-Kate and Ashley’s new JCPenny line. The clothes are available tomorrow Nov. 6 for a limited time, but the full launch will be February 2010.

They are trying to highlight clothing from different cities in the world, should be fun.



Dia de los Muertos

Nike is dropping a 2009 sneaker package inspired by Day of the Dead for November. They are the Dunk Low, Dunk High, and an Air Max 90. To say the least, I don’t like them. If I had to choose it would be the Dunk High pair, just for the sole.

Where are the sugar skulls and how am I suppose to know the Max 90 is Day of the Dead inspired?


Nike Dunk Low


Nike Dunk High


Nike Air Max 90

 Yes, the Day of the Dead symbols are there with the flowers and skulls. Purple and orange, really? That screams Halloween not Dia de los Muertos. The original Dia de los Muertos sneakers were a pinch better but it’s the same color.

 This does NOT look Mexican inspired. I’m not Mexican, but I’m offended. If you know the meaning behind this holiday the shoes wouldn’t look like this. Keep reading, go on.


Original Sneakers

Actually they’re not better. The Aztec culture embraced death and thought of it as “rebirth” and moving forward. It’s celebrated in a positive light. Unlike Halloween which is celebated with witches, monsters and demons. In case you were wondering, it’s not the same holiday.

Day of the Dead artwork symbolizes the duality of life. Alive and dead. It tries to teach us to accept death as a part of life and not fear it. So shouldn’t the shoes look more beautiful? Looking at the beauty in something so ugly as death.


Sugar Skulls


More Sugar Skulls