Dia de los Muertos

Nike is dropping a 2009 sneaker package inspired by Day of the Dead for November. They are the Dunk Low, Dunk High, and an Air Max 90. To say the least, I don’t like them. If I had to choose it would be the Dunk High pair, just for the sole.

Where are the sugar skulls and how am I suppose to know the Max 90 is Day of the Dead inspired?


Nike Dunk Low


Nike Dunk High


Nike Air Max 90

 Yes, the Day of the Dead symbols are there with the flowers and skulls. Purple and orange, really? That screams Halloween not Dia de los Muertos. The original Dia de los Muertos sneakers were a pinch better but it’s the same color.

 This does NOT look Mexican inspired. I’m not Mexican, but I’m offended. If you know the meaning behind this holiday the shoes wouldn’t look like this. Keep reading, go on.


Original Sneakers

Actually they’re not better. The Aztec culture embraced death and thought of it as “rebirth” and moving forward. It’s celebrated in a positive light. Unlike Halloween which is celebated with witches, monsters and demons. In case you were wondering, it’s not the same holiday.

Day of the Dead artwork symbolizes the duality of life. Alive and dead. It tries to teach us to accept death as a part of life and not fear it. So shouldn’t the shoes look more beautiful? Looking at the beauty in something so ugly as death.


Sugar Skulls


More Sugar Skulls


2 Responses to “Dia de los Muertos”

  1. Jennifer Guzman

    Interesting post…

    I really like the concept, but judging from the shoes (most of them), I don’t feel like enough research was done, or I could be wrong. It could be more ‘pop’ than our (America’s generalization) of what “mexican” is. But, speaking on my personal behalf, I need to see more pizazz, more flavor, more wow-factor; something to catch our eye that’s different from the normal, American “wow”.

    In the ‘Nike dunk low,’ I like how clever the graphic of the skull is, how it’s a pattern, both web and lace like, but there’s too much white canvas as a whole…or at least a pop of red with the green, because just red, white, and blue is too Smerican in association.

    ‘The Nike dunk high’ as a shoe in whole is successful; a work of art, though of in all angles and harmony. That green check works; like a glow in dark ghost, within these prayers of a pattern.

    I don’t know about ‘Nike Air Max 90.’ Could be the photo angle, but it just looks like a psychedelic disco print.

    Those converse-like Sugar skulls makes me think ‘princess-punk,’ which I personally like in the way this one is executed. It’s details are the focus of this execution, which work. Mexican altars are bright and elaborate; detailed, cared-for, unlike the traditional black and white, quiet, low-key mourning of the American take on it. The pop of pink inside work well, also with the tiny black stars.

    the ‘addidas’ Sugar skull screams Hawaiian print at first glance. It’s more graffiti-like and clean at the same time. Perhaps even a red sole and red stripes would be the next step to getting merging some bold with the delicate print and light blue background.

  2. Josmari Rodriguez

    Thank you for commenting. I’m glad you agree with me because I really am disappointed. The last two sneakers were the only shoes I found that are closer to what it should look like although it may need something more coming from your illustrator point of view. I do thing the Addidas should have a colored sole. Maybe you should do some work for sneakers, it doesn’t seem like a Mexican or any other latinos worked on this at all.

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