DIY Flower Headbands

I went into a cute boutique, that I won’t mention its name, and found a beautiful headband. It’s the perfect idea for the flower-in-your-hair look. I can never actually put a flower in my hair without pinning it so it doesn’t fall off.

It was pretty much made of  these “ouchless” Goody brand headbands and decorative flowers.

blog 032

blog 033

Basically you choose a beautiful flower, cut at the base and glue it to the band. Be careful to not burn yourself like I did when I made this. I used a hot glue gun. I chose a purple flower because that’s my favi.

Stella Accessories has cute hair accessories and my favorite style is Willow. Hopefully we can hear from the creators soon with a Q&A.

I added more flowers later. Try it.


2 Responses to “DIY Flower Headbands”

  1. Glendy

    This looks so beautiful on you, I love the way the flowers contrast with your dark hair, hmmm maybe I’ll also give it a try 😉

    Hope you’ve been having a fab week!

    Much love,
    Glendy ❤

  2. Josmari Rodriguez

    Gracias Glendy. Pa eso son los DIY pa que lo hagas. jeje. I’m planning on making a lot of these for Christmas gifts.
    Thank you

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