Feature Story

Three young people love fashion and they’re not top models. You don’t have to be a big spender or a name dropper to appreciate fashion.

Morgyn Curtis, Jennifer Guzman and Danielle Zuckerman all contribute to the fashion world from different angles. Curtis the enlightened designer, Guzman the sophisticated painter and Zuckerman the fresh co-owner of Stella Accessories all share one thing, a deep appreciation for expression.

Morgyn Curtis

22-year-old Curtis graduated from Baltimore City Community College and is currently waiting for confirmation from Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. Born and raised in Baltimore City Curtis thought she wanted to study business until the sewing machine found her.

” I always liked making things and art and drawing but I never thought to do fashion until I found out that my school had a fashion program.”

She signed up for “Basic Sewing 101” to get out of what she calls boring classes that were killing her. After learning every technique there is to know, she said she can make anything now.

“What really makes my heart beat about fashion is having someone put on something [I] made … and their body glows,” she said “[I] just made that person feel so beautiful, like every women should feel.”

She has made pieces for children and women, from gowns to swim wear. Although she hasn’t found her main inspiration she said school inspires her to keep her moving. For now, she’ll make herself a cute sweater for the chilly winter days before sending her portfolio to New York.

“Never let no one tell you you can’t do it. Stay true to you and know in your heart, mind, body and soul that you are in this for you.”  Her appreciation to express her style and make people beautiful is like gold to Curtis and is looking forward to her future.

Jennifer Guzman

This 21-year-old Dominican artist attends Maryland Institute College of Art and is working on her thesis for her last year. She started off with Crayola crayons in her pink purse waiting for the opportunity to make a picture, then her dream come true was to attend MICA and now wants to do fashion illustration.

” It’s not necessarily about depicting exactly what an apparel item looks like, but more the texture, color and the mood that it carries for the figure, the image, ” she said.

She doesn’t feel like she needs a specific style because she is working on being a well-rounded artist and this is why she chose illustration, because she just loves to create. Illustration can open many doors and she said she loves the freedom to have many opportunities, although it can be overwhelming to have such freedom.

” The ultimate goal, with this pursuit of fashion illustration would be to one day be a clothing designer. It’ s very nice to be able to let myself wonder in to any area of fashion I’d like, ” she said. 

In her journey in finding what she wants has been quite easy because she loves what she is doing. Her basement is full of oil painting, self portraits, portraits of her family and charcoal pieces since high school.

” The number one thing to get you anywhere is your drive and perseverance. Simply do what you like doing. What is the point if you’re not happy?” said Guzman.

Danielle Zuckerman, Stella Accessories

This 21-year-old Danielle Zuckerman and three other friends made headbands one rainy summer day and frequently finds herself in shock when a celebrity wears her accessories. Based out of New York, Zuckerman is now co-owner of what is now Stella Accessories.

“We call each other screaming and all run home with the magazine or the picture so we can get excited together,” said Zuckerman.

These all American girls have the best relationship, since June 2008,  for sharing one business. Their different styles are put together for their accessories and the best outcome emerges. So good that Jessica Alba and the ladies from  Gossip Girl are wearing them.

” We started off small with flea markets around the city and at our schools, then slowly but surely we built up a website and started pitching to different publications.  Before we knew it, Stella Accessories was a well-known hair accessory brand, ” she said.

Because of their success and wide range of inspiration, the team is hoping to launch other accessory lines like headbands for children and jewelry. Although this career path took them by surprise, she said they couldn’t be happier.

” One thing I’ve learned from this experience, as cliché as it may sound, is that you really can do anything, ” she said ” it may seem impossible, but that’s what we thought in the beginning also.”

For these three fashion lovers it seems like nothing will stop them from reaching their goals. It doesn’t matter how hard it can get now, they’re looking at the bigger picture.


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