Teen Vogue

I’m so happy to present a classmate to the world because she was able to go to Teen Vogue’s FashionU this fall in NYC.

Kara Manos, 21, from Chevy Chase, MD,  goes to Towson University with me and she is a Senior working on her Journalism and New Media major. She has her own blog and is an editor for College Magazine.

Manos on left

How did you find out about the Teen Vogue Fashion University?

 I found about about TV Fashion U through their magazine. I think it was advertised in a summer issue and it worked out because the application deadline was Aug. 1 so I got my application in on time.

What did u hv to do to get in?

The application consisted of questions like, what are your career aspirations? Where do you see yourself in 10 years? What’s your personal style? Who are you inspired by? etc. They also had [me] submit a couple photos and any sketches or anything fashion related we have done.

How helpful was this trip for you, wat did u learn about the most who else could be interested in this type of event?

The biggest thing I gained from this experience was networking. Meeting the right people and talking to the professionals who have made it to what I wanna be. The trip itself is also really inspiring as well. Just being there made me wants to not only [to] blog about it but work on my resume and send it out to employers. I haven’t even graduated yet. This event was definitely geared toward fashion students who want to break into the fashion industry, design, styling, etc. Also for journalism students, and even marketing and advertising, the business side of the magazine).

Who did u get to meet?

I got to meet Eric Daman, the head costume designer for Gossip Girl and now creative director for Charlotte Russe. Amy Astley, the editor in chief of Teen Vogue plus many editors for the magazine. Julia Frakes, for those who don’t know her she’s a very well-known blogger who now writes for Paper Magazine. And while I didn’t formally meet Diane Von Furstenberg, I’d like to say I basically did because I listened to her speak but she being in her presence was cool enough.

Did u make new friends? maybe a roomate?

Yes! I actually went up to the event with my friend from home because we both applied but I definitely made a lot of new “fashion blogger” friendships. My friend and I stayed at The Carlton.. we were like 10 blocks from Times Square.

Just for kicks, how would you describe you style?

My personal style is really hard to describe because I feel like I can get into these moods where I’m super glam one day and then the next you’ll see me in very polished outfits. I’d like to stay I’m very classic with some type of twist. My style icon is Audrey Hepburn, but I’m really loving this new glam rock with the studs and everything! You will definitely see me taking more fashion risks.


Business of Fashion

Hello there. Ever since blogging became so popular people began talking about their passion. My passion is fashion and I’ve always thought how culture ties into that so much.

Anyway,  I just wanted to bring to your attention this article I found by Imran Amed on BOF. It just goes to show how important fashion bloggers are. Style Bubble was even mentioned here and I actually follow her. Of course little Style Rookie was mentioned. How good would it feel if someone said that fashion bloggers bring fashion to the masses? Cuz he totally did.

A tip was even given to IFBs. “We should work as professionals, maintain good relatinships and work with integrity if we want to be taken seriously.” I shouldn’t have to mention or remind you to keep your voice in your work and give honest opinions because that is just what we do.

Baltimore Designer

This interview is with Kay Gladden. She is from Baltimore City and only 28 years old. She designs her own sneakers to make them one of a kind. Remember my DIY post about my old sneakers?

What made you make jewelry?

Actually, I design sneakers. I create one of a kind rhinestone sneakers for my hip hop shows. I also design for close friends and aquaintences.”

Why do you enjoy it?

I enjoy creating these one-of-a-kind sneakers because I love sneakers. As a woman, I would like to be the only woman with this style shoe. Realistically, it is very expensive to obtain one of a kind anything, so I buy my favorite sneakers, and I jewel each pair to be one of a kind. I love the idea having the exclusive sneaker.”

What inspires your ideas?

“Bling, ice, and very glamorous objects. Something exquisite or absolutely stunning.”

What do you say to students pursuing fashion?

“Don’t quit your day job.  “Fashion is a very tough and competitive field to flurish in and it can be very “cut throat”. However, if you set your goals and don’t lose the passion and the drive for fashion, you can get there. It will take a huge commitment: hard work, dedication and passion. It’s just like Al Sharpten said recently,” you only get back what you deposit”.”