Buenas! I’m Josmari Rodriguez, 22, I live in Baltimore City. As you can see I love fashion but I have other interests too. Long walks on the beach, stamp collecting and bird watching for starters, just kidding ew. I do love the beach but I live nowhere near one.

I love to travel, make things, meet different people, tatts, sugar skulls, graffiti, dance, and staying up late doing homework. Checklist to to visit: England, India, Egypt, Tailand, Angola, Trinidad (Don’t know why I haven’t, I can see it from Venezuela). If you’re looking to travel to a new place, visit Belize, I’m in love.   October 11 069

My parents are from Dominican Republic and Venezuela. I love my culture’s art, music and dance, attitude, and diversity. I totally forgot about food.

OK, shout out to my favorite dishes: moro, arepa, empanada, tostones, pabellon criollo, and filet  encebollado.

I hope you enjoy this blog and learn something from it. I want to show you that it’s not what you wear, but how you wear it and be confident wearing it. Be inspired. Trendy is good. Neat it good. Wild is good. Classy is good. Mix it up. The end.


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4 Responses to “Me”

  1. Susan Choi

    luv ur blog josie! very inspiring 😉 looks great!

  2. Jason Pearson

    This blog has been the favorite part of my day for past few weeks. Good stuff without all the fluff. Good job so far Ms. Rodriquez.

  3. Judith Uzcategui

    I love it!!! Thanks for this, i will check it out!

  4. Zimri

    Ooh! O.O LOVE IT! Specially ur fav food! Keep it up!

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