Feel-Good Fashion

Have you ever been in a store and there was a nice T-shirt you liked, but it was $10 more expensive and only $1.50 went to the charity it was linked to? TOMS shoes is the best example for this. People didn’t believe in Blake Mycoskie’s vision when they heard he wanted to give shoes away, for free.

He depends totally on the generosity of people.

How can you make a business on giving shoes away? Mycoskie, the creator of  TOMS shoes, thought of this genius idea when vacationing in Argentina when he met some social workers.

He was invited to see what they were up to and found that this group was giving shoes away, but they were used and noticed they did not fit properly. This is when the magic happened. He created this successful business because the matter was important to him.

It touched him so much that  later that year McCoskie returned to Argentina with friends, family and staff from TOMS and gave away 10, 000 pairs of shoes.

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Remember my last post about the Olsen twins? Here’s the latest scoop of Mary-Kate and Ashley’s new JCPenny line. The clothes are available tomorrow Nov. 6 for a limited time, but the full launch will be February 2010.

They are trying to highlight clothing from different cities in the world, should be fun.



Dia de los Muertos

Nike is dropping a 2009 sneaker package inspired by Day of the Dead for November. They are the Dunk Low, Dunk High, and an Air Max 90. To say the least, I don’t like them. If I had to choose it would be the Dunk High pair, just for the sole.

Where are the sugar skulls and how am I suppose to know the Max 90 is Day of the Dead inspired?


Nike Dunk Low


Nike Dunk High


Nike Air Max 90

 Yes, the Day of the Dead symbols are there with the flowers and skulls. Purple and orange, really? That screams Halloween not Dia de los Muertos. The original Dia de los Muertos sneakers were a pinch better but it’s the same color.

 This does NOT look Mexican inspired. I’m not Mexican, but I’m offended. If you know the meaning behind this holiday the shoes wouldn’t look like this. Keep reading, go on.


Original Sneakers

Actually they’re not better. The Aztec culture embraced death and thought of it as “rebirth” and moving forward. It’s celebrated in a positive light. Unlike Halloween which is celebated with witches, monsters and demons. In case you were wondering, it’s not the same holiday.

Day of the Dead artwork symbolizes the duality of life. Alive and dead. It tries to teach us to accept death as a part of life and not fear it. So shouldn’t the shoes look more beautiful? Looking at the beauty in something so ugly as death.


Sugar Skulls


More Sugar Skulls

Bead Wear Boutique

Bead Wear boutique

Bead Wear boutique

Bead Wear is a super cute boutique by the circle at the Towson mall. I found very unique pieces for your hair, accessories, and neat wallets.

Pam made these herself

Patti Lasover made these herself

Patti, she’s the local jewelry designer and owner, is really nice and has good taste. I’m so glad I ran into this place. It’s nice that I  live close to Towson because I plan to go back every chance I can. Here’s chance to meet her, go visit her on 29 Allegheny Ave.

October 11

I’m gona be at the gay equality march this Sunday in Washington D. C. I’ll be sure to let you know how it went, but of course, I’ll be checking out everyone’s style. I want to talk to some interesting people and see who influences their style and what fashion means to them.

Hopefully, we can be inspired by people and discover something new. I’m so curious about other people and why they dress the way they do. If you’re in the area feel free to go if not make a suggestion of what interview question should I ask? A good one is what were your thought in putting ur outfit together? Describe your style? What does fashion mean to you? Who/what influences your style? 

 What should I ask people on Sunday guys? Or you can sort of vote on the question I already have!