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Two Towson students have come to the end of the semester of MCOM 407, Writing for New Media. Hadear Abdou and Kara Manos talk about their experiences in keeping their blogs updated and interesting.

United States

Manos, 21, is a Greek American and writes for her blog Bmore in Style. It’s about fashion & style in the Baltimore area as well as surrounding areas focusing on the young Baltimoreans. She says the hardest thing about managing her blog was getting original content about the people in Baltimore.

Manos went to Teen Vogue’s Fashion University in NYC and reported her experience. She met Eric Daman, the head costume designer for Gossip Girl and now creative director for Charlotte Russe. She also met Amy Astley, the editor in chief of Teen Vogue.

“Americans really differentiate between locations. If you live in the midwest, warm clothes are a must and if you live on the west coast, it’s very laid back and if you live on the east coast, we definitely like to dress up more,” said Manos.

Although Manos is a Greek girl, she is inspired by classic American style icons like Audrey Hepburn.


Hadear Abdou, 21, is an Egyptian Muslim girl and writes for Guccified for $5. It is about helping you get deals and lift the weight of sale hunting. “I think what is special about my blog is that I am trying to expose my readers to certain things in the fashion world that they might not have known existed,” she said.

Abdou did an “International Week” and focused on the Middle East and Egypt’s fashion and styles. She finds that the hardest part of her blog is narrowing down topics so that they would be interesting to the readers.

Her post like International Week: Saudi Arabian “Jalabeya,” ” Hijab (Head Scarf) Styles,” “Making the Runway” and “Beyonce & Elie Saab” all give us a great scoop on Middle Eastern fashion.

“I wear my scarf because it is mandated by my religion to do so. I love wearing my scarf, it is part of me and I feel as if its embedded into my personality,” said Abdou.

Wearing her scarf doesn’t limit Abdou at all. It seems to be in fact a great accessory. Even Jennifer Lopez has worn Muslim inspried clothing. She can wear them in different styles and wear different fabrics and prints.

“I love to explore new things within the field and therefore, it was easy to write about,” said Abdou.

The fashion blogger Abdou ended with 1,695 hits and Manos with 1,565 hits in less than four months. Using the social networks as a tools for attracting an audience like Fascebook, Myspace and Twitter helped them earn an audience that keep coming back.

These blogs are perfect for getting a great scoop on cultural and religious information through fashion.

According to the author of “Fashion Forecasting, Evelyn Brannon, “Fashion is both public — the impression we make on others — and private — the way we explore our own personality and tastes.”


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