Baltimore Event Alert!

This is what I call fashion for a cause.

If  you’re looking for trendy accesssories and are into vintage, like myself,  please make sure you mark your calendars. I will be there to check it out so make an appearance.

There is a Fall event coming up this month on Oct. 23-25 noon-7pm and Saturday the 24th will be from 5p.m.-8p.m.

Lourdes Rodriguez is a talented lady. This girl is selling sterling silver jewelry she has made, it is super cute and there are  tons and I mean tons of handbags. Everyone can go and bring additional friends. She is very nice and has events during the year. Everything is unique, authentic and most bags are leather.

Just a few

Maximum price is $20

Just fyi, she also makes wooden handcrafted themed jewelry boxes. This one is my favorite. you can even special order them! 


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