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Three young people love fashion and they’re not top models. You don’t have to be a big spender or a name dropper to appreciate fashion.

Morgyn Curtis, Jennifer Guzman and Danielle Zuckerman all contribute to the fashion world from different angles. Curtis the enlightened designer, Guzman the sophisticated painter and Zuckerman the fresh co-owner of Stella Accessories all share one thing, a deep appreciation for expression. (Read More)


MICA Student

Don’t you love when you see people from your childhood and get to talk to them and catch up? That’s what happened to me one day and I found out that Jennifer Guzman is a student at Maryland Institute College of Art for fashion illustration.

She is an undergraduate and she  is working on a thesis for her senior year and she posts her work on her blog.


By Jennifer Guzman

“I’d like to persue screen printing, jewelry making/designing…and just be a designer eventually.” Wouldn’t it be cool to see a young girl’s art behind high fashion lines in the display window? I mean she’s only a 21-year-old and Latina.

She wants to design images for window displays and the ink/image design for cosmetic lines and perfumes. We’ll followup on her next week and see was she’s working on now.