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Posted On November 18, 2009

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Morgyn Curtis is a young designer creating pieces from home. She was born and raised in Baltimore. She lives and breathes fashion just as I do. She just graduated from Baltimore City Community College and has applied to Fashion Institute of Technology in New York.

Morgyn Curtis

In your own words, describe what fashion design is?

A fashion designer is a person that can bring out the inner beauty in someone with just an idea…a lot of people in this world are self conscious. We as fashion designers are able the help people feel beautiful through their clothes. Someone with a vision that can create anything with a needle and  thread.

What do you plan to do with it?

Really I plan to make money. Lots of it. In the mean time while I’m not making money from it, all I want to do is make people look wonderful, look like they always wanted, not through any changes but [through] their clothes.

Why do you enjoy being a designer?

This is going be a funny answer, but I love being a designer because I get to tell people what to wear and how to wear it. It’s so fun being able to tell people what to do. I [also] love it because people come to me and ask me what looks good, I love it. What really makes me happy, what really makes my heart beat about fashion is having someone put on something [I] made … and their body glows. Their eyes light up and [I] just can feel it in [my] heart that [I] just made that person feel so beautiful, like every women should feel.

Why did you choose to do fashion design?

I really didn’t choose to do fashion. I just kind of fell in it. I was taking classes in business and I hated it. I was so bored it was killing me. I always liked making things and art and drawing but I never thought to do fashion until I found out that my school had a fashion program. Up till then, I just made stuff for the hell of it. [I] never thought I could do it for real so I really just did it to get out of business.  I started to like it, then I loved it, and now I live it. So like i said, it kind of found me.

What do you say to young fashion students studying design? 
That’s a hard one. Never let no one tell you you can’t do it. I know that sounds corny as hell but in fashion, you have to have a mind of your own. You can’t walk into it with one idea and one passion and let someone change it. The fashion world is full of haters and they are set out to be the best. All I can really say is stay true to you and know in your heart, mind, body and soul that you are in this for you. Know that you are the best and only the best.

What is your current project?

Nothing. I just bought fabric to make a sweater for myself for the winter time.