Baltimore Designer

This interview is with Kay Gladden. She is from Baltimore City and only 28 years old. She designs her own sneakers to make them one of a kind. Remember my DIY post about my old sneakers?

What made you make jewelry?

Actually, I design sneakers. I create one of a kind rhinestone sneakers for my hip hop shows. I also design for close friends and aquaintences.”

Why do you enjoy it?

I enjoy creating these one-of-a-kind sneakers because I love sneakers. As a woman, I would like to be the only woman with this style shoe. Realistically, it is very expensive to obtain one of a kind anything, so I buy my favorite sneakers, and I jewel each pair to be one of a kind. I love the idea having the exclusive sneaker.”

What inspires your ideas?

“Bling, ice, and very glamorous objects. Something exquisite or absolutely stunning.”

What do you say to students pursuing fashion?

“Don’t quit your day job.  “Fashion is a very tough and competitive field to flurish in and it can be very “cut throat”. However, if you set your goals and don’t lose the passion and the drive for fashion, you can get there. It will take a huge commitment: hard work, dedication and passion. It’s just like Al Sharpten said recently,” you only get back what you deposit”.”


Do It Yourself!

I’m not an artist, but I am anal about details. I’m not a professional designer, but I like to do things correctly. Sounds OCD.

Being unique in fashion is so easy when you design your own clothes and accessories guys. Don’t be afraid to wrip jeans, throw paint at it, spray paint shirts, whatever!! My favorite fashion is street fashion and this is when DIY projects lets me express my style.

Use clothes you already have. Before you pass it on or throw away think of something you could do with it.

For example, I have these sneakers I love but they’re old and I don’t want to throw them away. I decided I want to custom design my Air Force sneaks.

They look like this after painting the sole silver. It was a gross yellow color before.

blog 008

 After I got done brainstorming my ideas, then rejecting and starting over again, I ended up with the this

 blog 018

 There are sneakers you can but that totally look like you made them. My favorite sneaks are the Nike Liberty Patchwork Dunks. I’m depressed about being so late in finding them, but maybe someone with a small foot wants to sell me a used pair?

Art for Sneakers

I found this really cool website with great talent called Sole Brother. There is a pair which pays tribute to Michael Jackson and have the thriller theme like Michael’s red and black outfit.

Pimp My Kicks I thought was cool. They do exactly what the guys on pimp my ride do. They get a request, talk it over with the team of artists and get to work. The sneakers are hand painted and celeb Nicki Minaj seems to love ’em.

If you’re feeling doubtful check out the prints from Sneakart. It looks like the designs are coming from Europe but I promise you’re going to want to try it. You just pick a print or make your own. They send something called a sneakskin and it is totally waterproof, flexible and removable.