Business of Fashion

Hello there. Ever since blogging became so popular people began talking about their passion. My passion is fashion and I’ve always thought how culture ties into that so much.

Anyway,  I just wanted to bring to your attention this article I found by Imran Amed on BOF. It just goes to show how important fashion bloggers are. Style Bubble was even mentioned here and I actually follow her. Of course little Style Rookie was mentioned. How good would it feel if someone said that fashion bloggers bring fashion to the masses? Cuz he totally did.

A tip was even given to IFBs. “We should work as professionals, maintain good relatinships and work with integrity if we want to be taken seriously.” I shouldn’t have to mention or remind you to keep your voice in your work and give honest opinions because that is just what we do.


Style Rookie

untitled-3-525x587Tavi Williams is this cute little girl with lots of personality. Yes she is a little girl, she is 13.  She has a blog named style rookie but the name in her link is the new girl in town, how freaking clever, cuz I totally feel the same way. Anywho, I read a little of her blog and this girl is really funny. She actually made me laugh just read her About Me section.

Just FYI, I follow Style Bubble and they’ve met each other, how cool is that?

The point of this post is because I want to know what my readers think of her. She is on the news, blogs, Pop magazine and MY homepage. Seems like people are taking her seriously. What is she doing right to get the attention of the Mulleavy sisters, who are the designers behind Rodarte. If you didn’t know, that’s how she got her big break as a (I have no clue, you fill in the blank). What can we learn from her? Someone school me.