Feel-Good Fashion

Have you ever been in a store and there was a nice T-shirt you liked, but it was $10 more expensive and only $1.50 went to the charity it was linked to? TOMS shoes is the best example for this. People didn’t believe in Blake Mycoskie’s vision when they heard he wanted to give shoes away, for free.

He depends totally on the generosity of people.

How can you make a business on giving shoes away? Mycoskie, the creator of  TOMS shoes, thought of this genius idea when vacationing in Argentina when he met some social workers.

He was invited to see what they were up to and found that this group was giving shoes away, but they were used and noticed they did not fit properly. This is when the magic happened. He created this successful business because the matter was important to him.

It touched him so much that  later that year McCoskie returned to Argentina with friends, family and staff from TOMS and gave away 10, 000 pairs of shoes.

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Style on the Street

I was at the Equal Rights March as you guys know and I was keeping an eye out for interesting people and asked them what inspired your outfit today? btw, she is wearing TOM’s Shoes. yay!


October 11 034

Alfredo Santiago was marching for everyone’s rights too, but didn’t hesitate to show off his style.

Tom’s Shoes

This is what I call fashion for a cause for real.

If you don’t know about Tom’s Shoes please watch this video and be inspired to get involved or start your own.

I’m so in love with this project. I want the Martinez Cordones but I can’t men sizes so I’ll settle for Aira Cordones.

As you guys may or may not know, I’ve been on several mission trips and I loved it. I went to Belize twice and Dominican Republic. I met so many children, fed, played, sang and cried with them. Fashion is a beautiful thing but what is even more beautiful is when you give your clothes away to someone who really needs them. I’m a softy.